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My name is Kevin Smullin and I am the owner of 2Q Lead Generation Strategies. On this page, you will find out about who we are and what we are all about.

2Q Lead Generation Strategies helps frustrated real estate agents by showing them how to implement a business strategy that will double their business in 12 months.

Our mission is to empower Realtors by teaching them a proven system that will allow them to be in the top producer in their market.

Our focus is to show you a different way to generate new business, utilize methods that make it so that you are spending your time with people that want your help, and cut out all the unnecessary and time consuming strategies that are wasting your time.

The roots of the company started a long time ago…

One of my first jobs in my early 20’s was as a real estate agent. I had this crazy dream of making millions in real estate. I was young, naïve, and I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Which is actually why this story is so relevant…

I thought that just because I had my real estate license that people would line up to do business with me. I had completed my training on how to be a real estate agent, but I was not trained on the business side of generating leads and marketing. I knew nothing about it, and naturally, I struggled.

I asked my real estate broker how to generate business. Everything he taught me was highly ineffective. I spent hundreds of hours calling For Sale By Owners (FSBOs), expired listings, and talking to my sphere of influence. These methods did not help me grow my business.

I only lasted about 2 years and I got out of the real estate business. This was really discouraging and frustrating to me. I felt like a complete failure. But that experience ignited a fire in me…

I am highly competitive and so this failure in my life sent me on a quest to learn how to solve this problem of generating more business.

My next job was working for a marketing consulting company and I learned how to grow a business. My competitive nature helped me climb the ranks and I quickly became the lead marketing consultant for the company. I was helping my clients triple their business in the first 12 months of working together.

I had learned how to solve the problem of generating new business…

I continued to read everything I could about marketing, lead generation, and business development. My skills improved and clients were getting great results.

I started studying social media and liked the possibility of using it to generate new business. I ran a lot of tests and spent a lot of money figuring it out.

After some time and testing, I had found several ways to use it and started teaching that to my clients.

The results were amazing…

They were generating over 20 new leads each week. It was changing their business because they didn’t have to spend their time cold calling or door knocking. They could now spend their time with someone that wanted help.

I have seen first-hand how real estate brokers train new agents and that method sets them up to fail. I have seen how many Realtors are great real estate agents, but don’t know how to generate new business.

This is where 2Q Lead Generation Strategies solves that problem. We help you increase the Quantity and Quality (2Q) of your leads so that you can reach the income objective you desire.

We have a proprietary system that will help you double your business in the next 12 months. Your days of frustration with be replaced with excitement.

In fact, we have clients that tell us all the time how much they have hated marketing in the past, but they are now excited about it after going through our coaching. Why? Because they are seeing results!

Ready to see results for your business? Contact us and let’s get started growing your business.


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