You're Only One Lead Source Away From Scaling Your Business!

This is our motto here at 2Q Lead Generation Strategies, and we firmly believe it because we've tested it. After 100,000+ leads generated on social media, we've been able to help real estate agents tap into the endless potential that is social media marketing and lead generation.   

How Does It Work?

What is a "Closer"?

A closer is a term that we will use a lot. So what is a closer? When we think of a closer, we think of someone who is hungry to scale their business. No matter what step in their business they may be. They might just be starting with a unquenchable fire to be great, or they might be the experienced veteran is looking to continue scaling their already successful business. 

Simply put, a Closer is someone who is passionate and willing to go the extra mile to grow their business. They are hungry to close more deals. Would you consider yourself a closer? 

About Kevin Smullin

Here I'll share a brief overview about me and my story. For the whole story, I suggest going to the About Us tab.

I started out as a real estate agent 20+ years ago. When I started I figured it would be my ticket to being able to provide a great life for my new wife and I. Unfortunately it wasn't this way. I was missing that one lead source that could have changed my business and after 2 years I stepped away from the real estate business.

For the next 15 years I studied everything I could about marketing and lead generation. I wanted to help agents have the tools to succeed where I had fallen short. 

I was recently awarded as one of the top 25 real estate coaches in the US and have generated over 100,000 leads for my clients. 

If you are looking to scale your business, we would love to connect. Thanks for being here on our website. 

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How To Work With Kevin

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Free Training Videos

Learn our best tips and strategies that we share each week on our YouTube channel. 

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Online Courses

Want to learn how to generate leads and market on your own? Our courses will help you. 

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Let Us Do It For You

We can help you generate leads, set appointments, and do relationship marketing. 

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Want To Take Your Business To New Heights?

How would you like to have a duplicatable blueprint on what made other agents successful? I've created a blueprint from some of my clients that are doing 50+ transactions a year and detailed how they do it, so you can too. 

Would you like our blueprint to go from 10 transactions a year to 50 transactions? We put together a FREE training to show you exactly how it works so that you can use it for your business. By filling out the form to the right, you'll get access to this business changing blueprint.

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Looking To Hire A Marketing Company?

Most real estate lead generation companies think their job is done when the lead is generated. 

With us, that is simply the beginning...

This video shares the difference between their approach and our Complete Real Estate Marketing Solution. 

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Debbie T. - Century 21

In the last month, Kevin generated over 100 leads for me and three of them are turning into buy/sell transactions. 

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John D. - Realty Associates

We are consistently closing 4-5 deals a month from the Facebook leads Kevin generates for our team. 

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Cameron W. - Influence Realty and Relocation

I've done lots of things to market my business, but nothing comes close to what Kevin has done for us. 

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