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The VIP Coaching Program is where we walk you step-by-step in creating the ultimate digital marketing system.


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The VIP Coaching Program Focuses On Four Key Areas

This is how you will increase your visibility, leads, and transactions


Facebook is the king of all social media. 20% of all mobile usage is spent on Facebook. It's one of the best platforms for paid advertising to generate leads, and convert them. 


YouTube is the 2nd highest searched website in the world. YouTube is an untapped opportunity because most agents do nothing with it. With 1 BILLION minutes of videos watched daily, you must have a presence here. 


The highest search volume site on the Internet. If you aren't getting found through searches here, people don't know you exist. Dominating your market requires a presence on Google.

Email System

Email is still one of the most widely used systems to communicate with people. Email is effective to drip on your prospects and contacts to stay in touch. We will hep you set up a drip system that is second to none! 

The Revolutionary Agent Focuses on Four Areas of Marketing

1- Past Clients/Sphere of Influence

* Lowest hanging fruit

* More likely to use you in the future

* Increased referrals

2 - Geographic Farm

* Become the local real estate expert

* Low cost way to dominate your local market

* How to farm 3000+ households in less than 30 minutes a month

3- Lead Generation

* Strategies to create new business

* Generate leads from people that are interested

* How to automate your lead follow up to qualify leads

4- Re-targeting

* Show ads to your BEST prospects

* Convert more people from your sales pipeline

* Decrease your marketing expenses by letting Facebook tell you who your best leads are

Our VIP Coaching Program Is For Agents Who:

  • Want an expert with proven results to set up their marketing
  • Want to increase their reputation, leads, and transactions
  • Are looking for a proven system that they can use immediately for results
  • Want an unfair advantage over your competition
  • Who are sick and tired of cold calling, door knocking, and waiting for referrals

If any of these describe you, this program is exactly for you. 

Here is what others have said about the training:

"We have done 7 deals in the last 6 weeks, all of them from Facebook. Kevin's training changed my career!"

Jesse F.
Aubrey and Associates

"My gross production tripled in a year of working with Kevin from $150,000 to $450,000. Go through the training, pony up, and if you're really serious about being able to take the time to be able to enjoy the things in life you enjoy doing without having to work yourself to death, jump on the system. I think it's something that if you follow it to the "T" and do what you suggest, you have to work at messing it up, you really do. And we followed what you said to the "T" and you know the proof is in the pudding. I'll tell you what, you've been a great teacher. Kevin Smullin did a phenomenal job for us."

David B.

"In just the month of April, Kevin has helped me generate 328 leads on Facebook at a cost of $649 in ads. Over 10 of those leads are pre-qualified and we are already under contract with three of them."

John D.
Realty Associates

"This month, I will make more than what I made all last year! And a big part of that is thanks to you!"

Jessie D.
Equity Real Estate

"I’ve attended two workshops taught by Kevin. Very helpful. Both times he shared valuable insights into how real estate agents can increase their reach and bring in more leads. The world is changing. The way people communicate is changing. Many of us in the real estate world are still driving horse and buggies in our marketing approach. Kevin teaches you how to build a Ferrari."

Tim C.
Randall Welch Real Estate

Program Investment

This is what is included in the Top Agent Marketing System

6 Months Plus Online Course



6 Months of weekly coaching sessions (1 hour each) 

Lifetime Access To Revolutionary Agent Online Course 

Phone, email, text access to Kevin

Get Coaching For $5497

6 Months Plus Online Course (Monthly Payment)


PER MONTH (6 Months)

6 Months of weekly coaching sessions (1 hour each) 

Lifetime Access To Revolutionary Agent Online Course 

Phone, email, text access to Kevin

Get Coaching For $1000 Month

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