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Your relationships are your competitive advantage! The Past Client/Sphere of Influence Facebook Marketing Bootcamp will show you how to generate consistent leads that turn into business!


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"I am going to make more money this month than I did all of last year! A large part of that is because of you."

Jessie D.
Equity Real Estate

"I’ve attended two workshops taught by Kevin. Very helpful. Both times he shared valuable insights into how real estate agents can increase their reach and bring in more leads. The world is changing. The way people communicate is changing. Many of us in the real estate world are still driving horse and buggies in our marketing approach. Kevin teaches you how to build a Ferrari."

Tim C.
Welch Randall Real Estate

"Been out with a Buyer last week and going to be listing my buddies house (from my first ad on Facebook). He knew that I did real estate but didn’t know I was going full tilt again so that’s exciting. The ball is starting to roll. Thanks for all your help! "

Clark C
Influence Realty and Relocation

"My gross production tripled in a year of working with Kevin from $150,000 to $450,000. Go through the training, pony up, and if you're really serious about being able to take the time to be able to enjoy the things in life you enjoy doing without having to work yourself to death, jump on the system. I think it's something that if you follow it to the "T" and do what you suggest, you have to work at messing it up, you really do. And we followed what you said to the "T" and you know the proof is in the pudding. I'll tell you what, you've been a great teacher. Kevin Smullin did a phenomenal job for us."

David B.

30 Day Risk Free Offer!

Use the course and if you aren't satisfied for ANY reason during 30 days, we will refund your money with no questions asked.

YES! I Am Ready To Generate HIGH Quality Leads from My Relationships

Here's what you will learn inside the course...

How To Target Your Clients and SOI

You will learn how to create a list of your contacts on Facebook that you can target with an ad using just a couple of clicks. 

Exact Step-By-Step Setup

Worried about the technology? No Problem! Videos are done in bite size chunks so that you can follow along click by click. 

Examples To Save Time

I provide you with sample screen shots, files you can download, and videos that make the whole process easy on your time. 

Generate More Referrals

Referrals are likely to come from agents that go above and beyond. You will learn how to instantly separate yourself and earn more referrals. 

See Results Right Away

Many of our clients experience new leads and new transactions from their first ads. 

Proven Marketing Formula

Use our tested, proven client marketing formula that will make you the "go to" person for real estate. 

Easy To Implement

Once you have learned the formula, this is something you can do in less than an hour of your time per week. Spend time doing what you want instead of time on Facebook! 

Next Steps

Once you have the system set up, you'll see what to do next and how to make the system work for you long-term. 

We've Worked With The Best In The Industry

Many companies have used these techniques to help their agents find more success with their marketing.

I Understand That When I Take Action Today, I Am Getting The $197 Course At A Discount

Why Is It Discounted? Because I Want To Show You That You Can Get Massive Results Because This Course Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg! I Can Show You More Ways Of Generating Leads...

Facebook is one of the largest sites in the world with just under 2 BILLION people that use Facebook DAILY! If you want more business, it's simple...go where the people are! 

The Past Client Marketing Bootcamp is worth every penny (and more!) of the $197. ...especially when you consider the value of referrals and other transactions from the people that know, like, and trust you.

HOWEVER, at $97, this is an absolute steal! You will learn the most effective way to target your contacts for a fraction of the cost of direct mail or some other expensive marketing program. 

If you are ready to get high-quality leads from your contact that will grow your business, take advantage and click the button below.


To Your Success,

Kevin Smullin

P.S. What are you waiting for? Every minute you wait, that Facebook lead could be using another agent. Capitalize on this limited opportunity to generate more leads using this powerful course.